In the recent past, the field of complexity science has entered a new stage of its life.

A tremendous flow of novel and quantitative social demographics and behavioral data allows us to move from the analysis of the “social atom” to the quantitative analysis of “social aggregate states”. A key factor in this shift of gear is to be found in the data revolution. The ISI has faced this new challenge by focusing on Data Science with the creation of specific labs and interdisciplinary research. Our research Labs are wired within the life of society and citizens. Society is an ever more entangled mixture of human beings and technologies, a chaotic reality of which we try to extract the underlying order to be able to make reliable predictions about its evolution and help decision makers and policy makers with realistic scenarios and models. With Data Science we want to recognize the picture that is hidden in the massive stream of data, to predict its occurrence in a statistical sense and control it. We use techniques borrowed from statistical physics, nonlinear dynamics, mathematics and computation theory. Our basic tools are sophisticated, innovative algorithms enabling us to discover hidden patterns of correlated information in large data sets. Our aim is to translate reality into the virtual universe.