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Results in Statistical Physics and Computational Systems Biology

Data Interfaces

Data Interfaces aims to experiment with the development of interfaces and formats for data rich scenarios by merging the competences of communication design, complex systems science, and computer science.

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Epiwork Final Project Meeting

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This fourth and last project meeting is not only the usual check point of the activities of the project within the consortium but also, more importantly, as a moment to assess the final integration effort and  joint research among the partners and among the Work Packages, in preparation for the last review  meeting. The meeting will allow, as the previous years, all partners to provide a summary of the  activities undertaken and the progress of the research activities.

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Thematic School on Structure and Dynamics of Complex Networks

Monday, April 7, 2014

The school will introduce the concepts and tools of graph theory, statistical physics, statistical analysis,modeling, and visualization used in the field of complex networks. The lectures will start from the introduction of concepts of graph theory and of how to statistically characterize and model the structure of large-scale networks.

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Aligning graphs and finding substructures by message passing

S. Bradde, A. Braunstein, H. Mahmoudi, F. Tria, M. Weigt, R. Zecchina
Europhys. Lett 89 (2010)

Stationary growth and unique invariant harmonic measure of cylindrical DLA

G. Marchetti, A. Taloni, E. Caglioti, V. Loreto, L. Pietronero
Physical Review Letters 109 (2012)