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Results in Complex Systems


EpiFor studies complexity and predictability of epidemics aiming at developing a computational infrastructure for epidemic forecasts.The ERC Starting Independent Researcher Grant offers an ideal opportunity to start a structured program in this direction, aimed at providing fundamental advances in the field.

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On information propagation, topics, and communities in social networks

Friday, June 19, 2015

Francesco Bonchi Yahoo Labs Barcelona, Spain

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EveryAware Project Meeting, Kassel March 20-22, 2013

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Project Meeting of EveryAware “Enhance environmental awareness through social information technologies”

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Differential Games of Competition in Online Content Diffusion

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dr. Francesco De Pellegrini, CREATE-NET, Trento, Italy

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How to Fairly Allocate Scarce Medical Resources: Justice Trade-Offs between an Individual and a Population Perspective

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dr. Timo Smieszek Public Health England, London, UK and Imperial College, London, UK

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Social Network Clustering and Ebola Virus Transmission

Friday, May 15, 2015

Dr. Samuel V. Scarpino Santa Fe Institute

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Complex dynamics of interacting diseases on clustered networks

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Laurent Hébert-Dufresne Santa Fe Institute

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On the unpredictability of outbreaks

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Dr. Samuel Scarpino University of Vermont

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Epiwork Final Project Meeting

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This fourth and last project meeting is not only the usual check point of the activities of the project within the consortium but also, more importantly, as a moment to assess the final integration effort and  joint research among the partners and among the Work Packages, in preparation for the last review  meeting. The meeting will allow, as the previous years, all partners to provide a summary of the  activities undertaken and the progress of the research activities.

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Epidemic Planet @ British Library, London

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Epidemic Planet visualization application displays the evolution of the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic and enables its users to interactively compare and learn about the effect of various intervention scenarios. It will be hosted in the Beautiful Science Exhibition of the British Library to be held in London, UK, from February 20th to May 26th, 2014.

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Thematic School on Structure and Dynamics of Complex Networks

Monday, April 7, 2014

The school will introduce the concepts and tools of graph theory, statistical physics, statistical analysis,modeling, and visualization used in the field of complex networks. The lectures will start from the introduction of concepts of graph theory and of how to statistically characterize and model the structure of large-scale networks.

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Mathematical modeling of language games

V. Loreto, A. Baronchelli, A. Puglisi
book chapter in: Evolution of Communication and Language in Embodied Agents eds S. Nolfi and M. Mirolli. Springer (2010)

Global topology of word co-occurrence networks: Beyond the two-regime power-law

N. Choudhury, D. Chatterjee, A. Mukherjee
In the proceedings of COLING (10), Beijing, China, (2010)

Participatory sensing in policy modelling: a complex systems view

V. Loreto, A. Capocci, V. Servedio
Position paper of the CROSSROAD project (2010)

Wearable sensor networks for measuring face-to-face contact patterns in healthcare settings

A. Barrat, C. Cattuto, V. Colizza, L. Isella, C. Rizzo, A. E. Tozzi, W. Van den Broeck
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Traffic in Social Media II: Modeling Bursty popularity

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Dislocation jamming and Andrade creep

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Explosive percolation: A numerical analysis

F. Radicchi, S. Fortunato
Phys. Rev. E 81 (2010)

Combinatorial approach to modularity

F. Radicchi, A. Lancichinetti, J. J. Ramasco
Phys. Rev. E 82 (2010)

Characterizing the community structure of complex networks

A. Lancichinetti, M. Kivela, J. Saramaki, S. Fortunato
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A fast noise reduction driven distance-based phylogenetic algorithm

F. Tria, E. Caglioti, V. Loreto, S. Pompei
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Citation Networks

F. Radicchi, S. Fortunato, A. Vespignani
Understanding Complex Systems A. Scharnhorst et al. (eds): Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg 2012 (2012)

Gender homophily from spatial behavior in a primary school: A sociometric study

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Activity statistics of a forced elastic string in a disordered medium

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Quality functions in community detection

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Emergence of influential spreaders in modified rumor models

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Walking and searching in time-varying networks

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Beating the news using social media: the case study of American Idol

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Controlling Contagion Processes in Time-Varying Networks

N. Perra, S. Liu, M. Karsai, A. Vespignani
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Determinants of Follow-Up Participation in the Internet-Based European Influenza Surveillance Platform Influenzanet

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Individual privacy in social influence networks

S. Hajian, T. Tassa, F. Bonchi
Social Network Analysis and Mining 6:2 (2016)

Collective attention in the age of (mis)information

D. Moncanu, L. Rossi, Q. Zhang, M. Karsai, W. Quattrociocchi
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Quantum Transport Enhancement by Time-Reversal Symmetry Breaking

Z. Zimboras, M. Faccin, Z. Kadar, J. Whitfield, B. P. Lanyon, J. Biamonte
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Modeling the spatial spread of infectious diseases: The GLobal Epidemic and Mobility computational model

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Folks in folksonomies: Social link prediction from shared metadata

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Slip line growth as a critical phenomenon

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Evaluating Similarity Measures for Emergent Semantics of Social Tagging

B. Markines, C. Cattuto, F. Menczer, D. Benz, A. Hotho, G. Stumme
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Modeling vaccination campaigns and the Fall/Winter 2009 activity of the new A(H1N1) influenza in the Northern Hemisphere

P. Bajardi, C. Poletto, D. Balcan, H. Hu, B. Gonçalves, J. J. Ramasco, D. Paolotti, N. Perra, M. Tizzoni, W. Van den Broeck, V. Colizza, A. Vespignani
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Seasonal transmission potential and activity peaks of the new influenza A(H1N1): a Monte Carlo likelihood analysis based on human mobility

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Multiscale mobility networks and the large scale spreading of infectious diseases

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What\'s in a Session: Tracking Individual Behavior on the Web

M. Meiss, J. Duncan, B. Gonçalves, J. J. Ramasco, F. Menczer
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Remembering what we like: Toward an agent-based model of Web traffic

B. Gonçalves, M. Meiss, J. J. Ramasco, A. Flammini, F. Menczer
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Glass transition and random walks on complex energy landscapes

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WiFi networks and malware epidemiology

H. Hu, S. Myers, V. Colizza, A. Vespignani
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Diffusion of scientific credits and the ranking of scientists

F. Radicchi, S. Fortunato, B. Markines, A. Vespignani
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Estimate of Novel Influenza A/H1N1 cases in Mexico at the early stage of the pandemic with a spatially structured epidemic model

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Diffusion dynamics with changing network composition

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Mathematical formulation of multi-layer networks

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Generalized synchronization in relay systems with instantaneous coupling

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Gender differences in cooperation: experimental evidence on high school students

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Bootstrapping under constraint for the assessment of group behavior in human contact networks

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The Twitter of Babel: Mapping World Languages through Microblogging Platforms

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Characterizing scientific production and consumption in Physics

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Assessing the ecotoxicologic hazards of a pandemic influenza medical response

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Properties and evolution of internet traffic networks from anonymized flow data

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Complex networks: Patterns of complexity

R. Pastor-Satorras, A. Vespignani
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Time varying networks and the weakness of strong ties

M. Karsai, N. Perra, A. Vespignani
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The representativeness of a European multi-center network for influenza-like-illness participatory surveillance

P. Cantarelli, M. Debin, C. Turbelin, C. Poletto, T. Blanchon, A. Falchi, T. Hanslik, I. Bonmarin, D. Levy-Bruhl, A. Micheletti, D. Paolotti, A. Vespignani, J. Edmunds, K. Eames, R. Smallenburg, C. Koppeschaar, A. O Franco, V. Faustino, A. Carnahan, M. Rehn, V. Colizza
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Local and regional spread of chikungunya fever in the Americas

S. Cauchemez, M. Ledrans, C. Poletto, P. Quenel, H. de Valk, V. Colizza, P. Y. Boëlle
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Assessing the International Spreading Risk Associated with the 2014 West African Ebola Outbreak

M. F. C. Gomes, A. Pastore Y Piontti, L. Rossi, D. Chao, I. Longini, M. E. Halloran, A. Vespignani
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Damage detection via shortest-path network sampling

F. Ciulla, N. Perra, A. Baronchelli, A. Vespignani
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Controlling Contagion Processes in Activity Driven Networks

S. Liu, N. Perra, M. Karsai, A. Vespignani
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Community Detection in Quantum Complex Networks

M. Faccin, P. Midgal, T. H. Johnson, V. Bergholm, J. Biamonte
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Ebola: mobility data

M. E. Halloran, A. Vespignani, N. Bharti, L. Feldstein, K. Alexander, M. Ferrari, J. Shaman, J. Drake, T. Porco, J. Eisenberg, S. Del Valle, E. Lofgren, S. Scarpino, M. Eisenberg, D. Gao, J. Hyman, S. Eubank, I. Longini
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Assessing the impact of travel restrictions on international spread of the 2014 West African Ebola epidemic

C. Poletto, M. F. C. Gomes, A. Pastore Y Piontti, L. Rossi, L. Bioglio, D. Chao, I. Longini, M. E. Halloran, V. Colizza, A. Vespignani
Eurosurveillance 19 (2014)

Combining High-Resolution Contact Data with Virological Data to Investigate Influenza Transmission in a Tertiary Care Hospital

N. Voirin, C. Payet, A. Barrat, C. Cattuto, N. Khanafer, C. Régis, B. Kim, B. Comte, J. Casalegno, B. Lina, P. Vanhems
Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology (2015)

Association between Recruitment Methods and Attrition in Internet-Based Studies

P. Bajardi, D. Paolotti, A. Vespignani, K. Eames, S. Funk, J. Edmunds, C. Turbelin, M. Debin, V. Colizza, R. Smallenburg, C. Koppeschaar, A. Franco, V. Faustino, A. Carnahan, M. Rehn, F. Merletti, J. Douwes, R. Firestone, L. Richiardi
PLoS ONE 9 (12) (2014)

Spatiotemporal spread of the 2014 outbreak of Ebola virus disease in Liberia and the eff ectiveness of non-pharmaceutical interventions: a computational modelling analysis

S. Merler, M. Ajelli, L. Fumanelli, M. F. C. Gomes, A. Pastore Y Piontti, L. Rossi, D. Chao, I. Longini, M. E. Halloran, A. Vespignani
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Dynamical and bursty interactions in social networks

J. Stehlé, A. Barrat, G. Bianconi
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Congestion Transition in Air Traffic Networks

B. Monechi, V. Servedio, V. Loreto
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The adoption of linguistic rules in native and non-native speakers: Evidence from a Wug task

C. Cuskley, F. Colaiori, C. Castellano, V. Loreto, M. Pugliese, F. Tria
Journal of Memory and Language 84 (2015)

The economy of attention in the age of (mis)information

A. Bessi, A. Scala, L. Rossi, Q. Zhang, W. Quattrociocchi
Journal of Trust Management 1:12 (2014)