Research Domain
Applied Data Science

Research Leaders
Paolo Bajardi, André Panisson

Leveraging fundamental Research carried out at ISI Foundation and its international network of researchers from top-ranked academic institutions and tech companies, the Applied Data Science division aims at bringing capabilities that are at the forefront of advancements in the Data Science, Machine Learning and Complex Systems domains to tackle industrial-driven research challenges. 


The Applied Data Science group is designed to execute at the interface between fundamental and applied research, fostering researchers' collaborations with domain experts and data teams to provide high-level scientific advice on data-products and methodologies, and to devise actionable predictive models. Our goal is to provide solid scientific basis to our industrial partners' innovative solutions while advancing the knowledge in the Data Science domain, both in terms of developing novel techniques and conceiving unexplored applications.

Recent projects involved major partners in different industries such as insurance, manufacturing, finance, healthcare and mobility.

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Understanding Network Traffic States using Transfer Learning

P. Krishnakumari, A. Perotti, V. Pinto, O. Cats, H. Van Lint

21st International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC) (2018)

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