CANP - Casa Nel Parco

CANP will investigate and devise advanced analytics and artificial intelligence techniques on top the development of an integrated ICT platform to harmonise data collection from heterogeneous sources ranging from medical IoT sensors and behavioural data to electronic health records.

Involving more than 20 partners from SMEs, large enterprises, hospitals, healthcare facilities and research centres with a total value of 11 Million EUR, CANP use-cases will tackle the future of effective and sustainable healthcare systems, fostering the concept of “hospital at home”.

Demographic, behavioural factors and economical issues challenge the sustainability of the current point of care capabilities and patient journey. On the other hand, technological and scientific advancements open new opportunities to keep high-quality healthcare services.

Motivated by the increasing evidence that patients followed in their domestic settings have both significantly better health outcomes and lower the overall costs of care, CANP project will assemble and built an entire ecosystem of services, processes, devices and algorithms to assist both the patients and the healthcare personnel for a more effective and data-driven hospitalisation at home.

CANP project "La Casa nel Parco" is supported by FINPIEMONTE - POR FESR 2014/2020 Piattaforma Tecnologica "Salute e Benessere" Azione l.1b.2.2. The project started on 16 May 2018 till 5 April 2021. Partners: 22 - Total budget: 11 M€


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