Rossano Schifanella

Affiliated Researcher


Social Media and Open Data to Quantify the Effects of Noise on Health

L. Gasco, R. Schifanella, L. M. Aiello, D. Quercia, C. Asensio, G. de Arcas
Frontiers in Sustainable Cities 2, 41 (2020)

Notable Site Recognition using Deep Learning on Mobile and Crowd-sourced Imagery

J. Tan, A. Noulas, D. Sáez, R. Schifanella
2020 21st IEEE International Conference on Mobile Data Management (MDM) (2020)

Spatio-temporal Analysis of Flu-related Drugs Uptake in an Online Cohort in England

D. Perrotta, D. Paolotti, D. Delle Vedove, C. Obi, R. Pebody, R. Schifanella
Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Digital Public Health (2019)