Roberta Sinatra

Affiliated Researcher


Growing urban bicycle networks

M. Szell, S. Mimar, T. Perlman, G. Ghoshal, R. Sinatra
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Success and luck in creative careers

M. Janosov, F. Battiston, R. Sinatra
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Historical comparison of gender inequality in scientific careers across countries and disciplines

J. Huang, A. J. Gates, R. Sinatra, A. Barabási
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Analysis of visitors’ mobility patterns through random walk in the Louvre Museum

Y. Yoshimura, R. Sinatra, A. Krebs, C. Ratti
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Taking census of physics

F. Battiston, F. Musciotto, D. Wang, A. Barabási, M. Szell, R. Sinatra
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The chaperone effect in scientific publishing

V. Sekara, P. Deville, S. E. Ahnert, A. Barabási, R. Sinatra, S. Lehmann
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Quantifying reputation and success in art

S. P. Fraiberger, R. Sinatra, M. Resch, C. Riedl, A. Barabási
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Science of science

S. Fortunato, C. T. Bergstrom, K. Börner, J. A. Evans, D. Helbing, S. Milojević, A. M. Petersen, F. Radicchi, R. Sinatra, B. Uzzi, A. Vespignani, L. Waltman, D. Wang, A. Barabási
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Evolutionary dynamics of time-resolved social interactions

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