Michele Tizzani

Postdoctoral Associate


Impact of food-related conflicts on self-reported food insecurity

S. Fiandrino, C. Dowd, G. Martini, Y. Mejova, E. Omodei, D. Paolotti, M. Tizzani
Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems 7 (2023)

Echo Chambers of Vaccination Hesitancy Discussion on Social Media during COVID-19 Pandemic

Y. Mejova, G. Crupi, J. Lenti, M. Tizzani, K. Kalimeri, D. Paolotti, A. Panisson
Proceedings: XX ISA World Congress of Sociology - Melbourne, Australia June 25-July 1, 2023 224.3 (2023)

Impact of tiered measures on social contact and mixing patterns of in Italy during the second wave of COVID-19

M. Tizzani, A. De Gaetano, C. I. Jarvis, A. Gimma, K. Wong, W. J. Edmunds, P. Beutels, N. Hens, P. Coletti, D. Paolotti
BMC Public Health 23:906 (2023)

Echoes through Time: Evolution of the Italian COVID-19 Vaccination Debate

G. Crupi, Y. Mejova, M. Tizzani, D. Paolotti, A. Panisson
Proceedings of the Sixteenth International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media 16(1) (2022)

Phase transitions and stability of dynamical processes on hypergraphs

G. Ferraz de Arruda, M. Tizzani, Y. Moreno
Communications Physics 4, 24 (2021)

Collective Response to Media Coverage of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Reddit and Wikipedia: Mixed-Methods Analysis

N. Gozzi, M. Tizzani, M. Starnini, F. Ciulla, D. Paolotti, A. Panisson, N. Perra
Journal of Medical Internet Research 22 (10) (2020)