Marton Karsai


Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon


Randomized Reference Models for Temporal Networks

L. E. Gauvin, M. Génois, M. Karsai, M. Kivela, T. Takagushi, E. Valdano, C. Vestergaard
SIAM - Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics 64/4 (2022)

Mapping urban socioeconomic inequalities in developing countries through Facebook advertising data

S. Piaggesi, S. Giurgola, M. Karsai, Y. Mejova, A. Panisson, M. Tizzoni
Frontiers in Big Data 5:1006352 (2022)

Addressing the socioeconomic divide in computational modeling for infectious diseases

M. Tizzoni, E. O. Nsoesie, L. E. Gauvin, M. Karsai, N. Perra, S. Bansal
Nature Communication 13, 2897 (2022)

weg2vec: Event embedding for temporal networks

M. Torricelli, M. Karsai, L. E. Gauvin
Scientific Reports 10, 7164 (2020)