Ingmar Weber

Saarland University

Ingmar is an Alexander von Humboldt Professor in AI at Saarland University. Within the computer science department, he is building up a new team working on “Societal Computing”. This interdisciplinary area comprises (i) computing of society, i.e. the measurement of different social phenomena, in particular using non-traditional data sources, and (ii) computing for society, i.e. working with partners on implementing solutions to help address societal challenges.


Perceptions of FIFA Men’s World Cup 2022 Host Nation Qatar in the Twittersphere

S. Dun, H. Rachdi, S. Ali Memon, R. K. Pillai, Y. Mejova, I. Weber
International Journal of Sport Communication (2022)

Facebook Ads as a Demographic Tool to Measure the Urban-Rural Divide

D. Rama, Y. Mejova, M. Tizzoni, K. Kalimeri, I. Weber
WWW '20: Proceedings of The Web Conference 2020, Taipei, Taiwan, April 2020 (2020)