Guido Caldarelli

Fellow - 2013

IMT Lucca

I studied Statistical Physics, and I work in the field of Complex Networks. I got my degree in 1992 in Rome (La Sapienza), my PhD in 1996 in Trieste (SISSA). After Postdocs in Manchester and Cambridge I became firstly research assistant in INFMand then Primo Ricercatore at ISC-CNR where I am still working with many friends and colleagues. Presently I am Professor in Physics at IMT Lucca, and a LIMS Fellow. My research interests are: Complex Networks, Scale-Invariance, Plants.


Systemic liquidity contagion in the European interbank market

V. Macchiati, G. Brandi, T. Di Matteo, D. Paolotti, G. Caldarelli, G. Cimini
Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination (2021)

Physics of humans, physics for society

G. Caldarelli, S. Wolf, Y. Moreno
Nature Physics 14, 870 (2018)