Duccio Medini


Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics

Career Highlights • Internationally recognized scientific leader, with a proven record of solving biological problems that impact global human health, by integrating quantitative methodologies with genomics, preclinical, and clinical data. • Over a decade of increasing responsibility in Pharmaceutical R&D, resulting in a comprehensive set of management skills. • Building high-performing teams of quantitative scientists and statisticians; leading international projects at the interface between basic research, clinical development and public health. • Contributing to the successful development of vaccines from early discovery to regulatory approval. Core Competences • Scientific and Statistical: Bioinformatics; Biostatistics; Simulations & Modeling; Vaccine Research and Development; Population Genomics; Key scientific advice for major vaccine programs; Internationally recognized thought leadership • Leadership: Manager of people; Manager of large-scale cross-functional international projects; Team leadership


Evaluating the Impact of Meningococcal Vaccines With Synthetic Controls

O. Prunas, D. M. Weinberger, D. Medini, M. Tizzoni, L. Argante
American Journal of Epidemiology kwab266 (2021)

Single aminoacidic mutations in meningococcal antigen fHbp have sizeable and predictable impact on its immunogenicity

D. Medini, A. Muzzi, D. Paolotti, D. Serruto, D. Brunelli, M. Comanducci, M. Guiliani, M. Scarselli, R. Rappouli, A. Covacci, M. Pizza
Proceedings of 17th International Pathogenic Neisseria Conference (2010)