Yamir Moreno wins CSS Senior Scientific Award 2019

Prof. Yamir Moreno, Deputy Director of Complex Networks & Systems at ISI Foundation has been recently awarded with the “Senior Scientific Award” granted by the Complex Systems Society (CSS) in recognition of his research career and his several contributions to the Science of Complexity. The award ceremony took place on October 4, 2019, in Singapore during the Annual Conference of the CSS, which brought together more than 650 complex systems scientists from all over the world.

The discovery of the laws governing the structure and dynamics of complex systems is one of the greatest challenges of modern science. These systems are characterized by the presence of different levels of self-organization, each of which determines the behavior of the next. One of the most important properties of complex systems is the emergence of new patterns and global behaviors that could not be anticipated from the detailed individual knowledge of the properties of their components. Thus, developing tools and methods for understanding and forecasting the behavior coming out of the interaction of the many non-identical components of a complex system is of utmost theoretical and practical importance in many different fields of science.

Prof. Moreno has worked on a wide variety of topics related to the study of complex systems for over 20 years and has published more than 200 scientific papers, being one of the most cited researchers in his field. The Award has been given for “his long standing and scientific career at the core of Complexity Sciences, and for his contributions in Statistical Physics, Computational Social Sciences and human behavior, complex systems and networks, Mathematical Biology and Epidemiology”. During the award ceremony, Prof. Moreno gave a speech on how the science of complexity has evolved and what are the challenges that we will face in the near future.