Vittoria Colizza receives prestigious Erdős–Rényi Prize 2017 in network science

ISI Research Leader and Inserm Senior Researcher Vittoria Colizza has won the Erdős–Rényi Prize 2017. The prize, awarded by the Network Science Society to a selected young scientist (under 40 years) for her/his achievements in research activities in the area of network science, has been announced Thursday, June 22, at the NetSci 2017  conference in Indianapolis.

The Scientific Commission aknowledged Colizza's “contributions to fundamental and data-driven network-based modeling of epidemic processes, including seminal studies on metapopulation systems, the impact of air transportation, and the predictability of epidemic outbreaks”.

“It's a great honour to receive this prestigious award”, commented Vittoria Colizza. “And I'm particularly delighted and moved by receiving it in Indiana, where I spent three years at the Indiana University School of Informatics as a post-doc and a Visiting Assistant Professor. It's heartwarming to be awarded for my research work in the place where my career started 13 years ago”.

Named for the mathematicians Paul Erdős and Alfréd Rényi, whose contributions to the study of random graphs represent foundational work in the modern field of network science, the Erdős-Rényi Prize has been established in 2012. Vittoria Colizza is both the first Italian scientist and the first woman receiving the award.