TopoNets – Networks beyond pairwise interactions, a NetSci 2020 satellite workshop

The complexity of many biological, social and technological systems stems from the richness of the interactions among their units. Over the past two decades, a great variety of complex systems has been successfully described as networks whose interacting pairs of nodes are connected by links. Yet, from face-to-face human communications to chemical and biological reactions, many interactions in networked systems cannot be described by simple dyads, as they can occur in groups composed by any number of units.

TopoNets 2020 is  a NetSci 2020 satellite workshop co-organized by ISI Foundation Giovanni Petri, Francesco Vaccarino (Polytechnic University of Turin and  ISI affiliated researcher), Iacopo Iacopini (Queen Mary University of London & University College London) and Federico Battiston (Central  European University), that aims at providing a coherent window on the emerging subfield of networks beyond pairwise interactions. In particular, researchers will discuss how to represent higher-order interacting systems, and how to unify the diverse frameworks most commonly used to describe higher-order interactions, highlighting the numerous links between the existing concepts and representations.

Invited speakers are Ginestra Bianconi (Queen Mary University of London, “Simplicial complexes and dynamics”), Ulderico Fugacci (CNR – Imati, “Topological tools for network description”), Jacopo Grilli  (International Centre for Theoretical Physics, “Higher-order interactions in ecological systems”), Vito Latora (Queen Mary University of London, “The dynamics of higher-order interactions”), Alice Patania  (Indiana University, “Topological characterization of multi-variate brain dynamics”), and Michael Schaub (RWTH Aachen University, “Signal Processing and random walks on graphs and simplicial complexes”). TopoNets 2020 will take place online, September 18th and 19th, and all meeting participants need to be registered to the main conference website.

“TopoNets – Networks beyond pairwise interactions”, NetSci 2020 Satellite Workshop, September 18th-19th