Time Reversal Symmetry

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

11.00 a.m.

ISI Red Room

Jacob Turner

Given a Hamiltonian H, one can define a probability function for walks on a graph via P_{s\to f}(e^{-itH})=|e^{-itH}_{sf}|^2.

The first question one can ask is for which Hamiltonians does P_{s\to f}=P_{f\to s} for all f and s. We discuss the classification of said Hamiltonians as well as the relationship of this problem to other, more classical problems.


I am originally from Hazard, a small town in eastern Kentucky. I went to school at Western Kentucky Universerity with the plan of being an engineer, like several of my family members. I had this crazy idea that I was going to design roller coasters. But after an internship and the realization that roller coaster designers are not in high demand, I decided to rethink my life. So I grew a beard and took up mathematics and computer science instead. I did two REU\'s in cryptography which was my first introduction to Algebraic Geometry, of the applied sort. In 2009, I attended the MASS program at Penn State and decided to return there in 2010 for graduate school. I was lucky enough to find an advisor in applied Algebaic Geometry.