Time for Topological Neuroscience: a Focus Feature in the Mit Press journal Network Neuroscience

Topology describes relations and has long been a central concept in neuroscience. A Focus Feature in the Mit Press journal Network Neuroscience, co-curated by ISI Foundation Research Leader Giovanni Petri (as guest editor), offers a unified overview of the emerging field of topological neuroscience, showing its applications from macro- to microscales of the nervous system.

“This Feature aims at presenting the breadth of applicability of topological data analysis (TDA) methods in neuroscience across scales and modalities", says Petri. "It includes an accessible introduction to the language of topological data analysis, the exploration of well-known topological techniques and the exhibition of novel computational models and topological metrics and networks".

Published on July 15, the Focus Feature has been edited by Paul Expert (Imperial College, London, UK), Louis-David Lord (University of Oxford, UK), Morten L. Kringelbach (University of Oxford, UK) and Giovanni Petri. “In recent years, thanks to advancements in both mathematical tools and data availability, the range and diversity of studies around TDA are expanding rapidly, spanning theoretical, computational, and experimental approaches to brain connectivity. We think it's the right time to put topological neuroscience center stage and to bring together the growing but often separate communities involved in applied topological analysis".

Topological Neuroscience, Network Neuroscience Focus Feature, July 15, edited by Paul Expert, Louis-David Lord, Morten L. Kringelbach and Giovanni Petri. Editorial link