The Influenzanet experience at Geneva Health Forum 2018

The Geneva Health Forum is a biennal event that combines plenary and parallel sessions, with a large international exhibition area. Established to link policy with practice, the forum addresses innovative issues in global health through an integrative approach, gathering academic leaders, practitioners, policy makers, diplomatics, representatives of donor agencies and healthcare providers.

The seventh edition, held at the International Conference Center of Geneva from April 10 to April 12, also includes a side-event about «Participatory Disease monitoring of Influenza-like Illness». Organized by the Influenzanet (LINK consortium, the meeting is taking place wednesday 11th April at 4.00pm, chaired by ISI Foundation Research Leader and Influweb coordinator Daniela Paolotti.

Along with Ricardo Mexia (Instituto Nacional de Saúde Dr. Ricardo Jorge – INSA, Portugal), Caroline Guerrisi (Inserm, France) and Marco Hirsch (German Center for Artificial Intelligence, Germany), Daniela Paolotti will showcase the highlights of the scientific activity carried out in the past decade by the Influenzanet project, an online surveillance system now present in nine European countries.

«Participatory Disease monitoring of Influenza-like Illness», Geneva Health Forum 2018, Wednesday 11th April 2018, link: