Seminar Day

Thursday, July 19, 2018

10.30 a.m.

ISI seminar room 1st floor

Laura Ozella, Daniela Perrotta, Luca Rossi, Denise Maffione, Alberto Ceria, Esther Marcelo, Giovanni Petri, Xiangrong Wang, Guilharme De Arruda, Emmanuel Artiges, Kyriaki Kalimeri, Felipe Cardoso, Alberto Aleta, Duilio Balsamo, Lorenzo Severini, Francesco Parino, Simone Piaggesi, Maddalena Torricelli

TimeArea/Research GroupSpeakerTopic

10:30Data Science, Comp. SocSciLaura OzellaHigh resolution contact networks in Africa

10:45Computational and Digital EpidemiologyDaniela PerrottaMobile phone traces to study Zika spread in Colombia

11:00Comp. And Dig. EpidemiologyLuca RossiLatest developments about the GLEAM model

11:15Data ScienceDenise MaffioneGene expression and vaccination

11:30Data Science for Social ImpactAlberto CeriaUnderstanding childbirth choices from online data


11:45Mathematics and foundationsEsther Ibanez MarceloTopology for Neuronal networks

12:00Mathematics and foundationsGiovanni PetriCognitive/neural network, entropy

12:15COSNET/ Mathematics and FoundationsXiangrong WangStructural Stability of Ecological Networks

12:30Mathematics and foundationsGuilherme F de ArrudaMultilayer Networks

12:45COSNET/ Mathematics and FoundationsEmmanuel ArtigesA group selection model for a Public Goods Game

14:30Data ScienceKyriaki KalimeriPsychometric modelling for digital data

14:45COSNET/ Comp. Soc ScieceFelipe CardosoHuman behavior in a variety of games

15:00COSNET/ Comp. Soc ScieceAlberto AletaTwitch plays Pokemon

15:15Aplied Data ScienceDuilio BalsamoInvestigating firsthand use and topical interest in opiates consumption through social media data


15:45Algorithmic Data AnalyticsLorenzo SeveriniAlgorithms for Network

16:00Data ScienceFrancesco ParinoBitcoin

16:15Data Science, Comp. SocSciSimone PiaggesiGender and Mobility

16:30Data Science, Comp. SocSciMaddalena TorricelliCosponsorship network/ embedding