Open Position @ ISI

The Computational and Digital Epidemiology Research Group of the ISI Foundation is looking for an experienced C++ developer with computer graphics know-how.

The main development activity will be related to the the multi-platform client application that is part of the GLEAMviz Simulator project .

Required qualifications:

. 3+ years of working experience as a software developer;
. Knowledge of C++11 core libraries, as well as proficiency with both STL & Boost;
. Experience in real-time 3D computer graphics:
  . OpenGL (or Direct3D);
  . Shading languages such as GLSL (or HLSL);
  . Knowledge of scenegraph based rendering engines, such as OpenSceneGraph;
. Knowledge of the Qt framework;
. Knowledge of event driven programming patterns;
. Fluent english language (spoken and written);
. Good attitude for team working and self management.

Other valuable skills are:

. Multi-threaded and parallel programming;
. Basic mathematics, particularly linear algebra and geometry;
. Cross platform programming experience (Unix/Linux, Windows, OSX operating systems);
. Knowledge of software control version systems, such as Git;
. Experience with other programming languages;

Occupation: full time.
Workplace: Turin, Italy (Computational and Digital Epidemiology Lab, ISI Foundation).

Applications should be sent to: