Open Position @ ISI

Job Description
The ISI Foundation ( is looking for an exceptional candidate to fill an open postdoctoral position in Topological Data Analysis and Network Science for neuroscience, with particular focus on structural and functional brain connectivity in neurodegenerative diseases.

The appointed researcher will work within the scope of the ADnD (“Algebraic-topological Detection of Neurodegenerative Diseases") project in the ISI "Mathematics and Foundations of Complex Systems” group.  ADnD is a multidisciplinary effort that aims to develop, implement and validate a set of novel theoretical topology-inspired tools, complementary  to network tools, for the detection and analysis of brain activity  patterns, able to capture functional and physical distributed (or  mesoscale) coordination patterns.
The project work focuses on  Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer's Disease, but its insights are  expected to be valuable across a range of normal and neurodegenerative  conditions thanks to its symbiosis of data-driven approaches, complex  systems, computational topology and computational mesoscopic modelling.
Duties  of the researches will range from experimental studies to theoretical  and methodological work including the development and testing of  computational algorithms.
In addition to the main research project, the group works  also on fundamental problems in statistical topology, simplicial  modelling of social and biological systems and predictability of  socio-biological systems.

We welcome applicants with a strong background in computational  neuroscience, neuroimaging, statistical physics, machine learning,  artificial intelligence, complex systems, or other closely related  fields. Our priority is to attract  researchers  who are either technically very strong and interested in asking bold  new questions about how our brain works, or coming from the  neurosciences and want to position themselves at the forefront of data  analysis techniques.

Specifically you will:
  • Design and implement large-scale studies of functional neural data based on concepts borrowed from topological data analysis; 
  • Decode  and interpret brain spatio-temporal motifs and their role in  integrating (or hindering, in the case of pathologies) information  processing;  
  • Carry out  innovative, impactful research in the areas of: topological data  analysis, functional brain networks and mesoscopic computational  modelling; 
  • Produce high  quality scientific and technical outputs including journal articles,  conference papers and presentations and technical reports.
Required skills:
Ph.D in Neuroscience, Computational Neuroscience, Mathematics, Physics or related quantitative field.
Experience in complex networks, statistical mechanics or topological data analysis.
Have good programming skills in at least one of the following languages Matlab, Python, C++.
Fluency in English both spoken and written.
Highly collaborative spirit and personal initiative.  
And obviously excellent personal skills.

Additional desired skills:
Experience with EEG and fMRI is optional but appreciated.
Knowledge of computational models of neural populations or whole-brain brain modelling is optional, but appreciated.

ISI offers:
We provide an unusually rich opportunity for collegial interaction in a highly competitive environment.
Mentoring will be provided by a multidisciplinary faculty team including co-investigators on the project (Dr. Giovanni Petri and Prof. Mario Rasetti) and collaborators from neurology, computer science, mathematics and complex systems science.
We  provide a competitive salary according to the qualifications and  medical and pension benefits according to the Italian State.
Applications received before the November 17th 2017 will be given priority, but the position will remain open until filled.
The  researcher will be appointed for one year with the possibility to  extend for a second year, based on satisfactory performance.
To apply, please send your cover letter, curriculum vitae and professional reference list to Dr. Giovanni Petri <>.
For any further information, please refer to Dr. Giovanni Petri.

ISI   is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis  of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age,  religion or disability.

Position details
Length: 12 months, full-time, with potential to be extended for a second year.
Location: ISI Foundation, Turin, Italy
Starting date:  no later than February 1st 2018
Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled. Evaluation begins immediately.