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News and the city: new study tackles online press consumption patterns through mobile data

In a global society where the always increasing mobile connectivity affects every aspect of our daily lives, socio-demographic attributes are highly associated to specific news media consumption patterns. This is one of the results coming from a new paper published in EPJ Data Science.

Co-authored by ISI Foundation researcher Daniela Paolotti, ISI Fellow Leo Ferres, and former Lagrange Scholar Salvatore Vilella, and based on the analysis of an anonymized DPI dataset provided by one of the major Chilean telecommunication companies, News and the city: understanding online press consumption patterns through mobile data investigates how different cohorts of the population of Santiago de Chile consume news media content through their smartphones.

Among findings is that education and age play a significant role in shaping the consumers behaviour even in the digital context, in agreement with a large body of literature on off-line media distribution channels. Researchers believe that this work could be useful to shed some light on how digital platforms can contribute to the already complex interplay between socio-demographic characteristics of the population and the news consumption behaviour. The study received support from Lagrange Project of ISI Foundation, funded by Fondazione CRT.

“News and the city: understanding online press consumption patterns through mobile data”, Salvatore Vilella, Daniela Paolotti, Giancarlo Ruffo and  Leo Ferres. EPJ Data Science, 29th April 2020. Link