Network Science for the Sustainable Development Goals, a NetSci 2020 satellite workshop

From ending hunger and poverty to overcoming gender inequalities, from ensuring quality education to tackling sustainability issues, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015 constitute a roadmap of the broad set of challenges that our society is facing today. Network Science is increasingly being employed to investigate such issues, but the gap between the academic world and the organizations that could use the proposed methods and insights for their programmatic purposes is still wide.

Network Science for the Sustainable Development Goals is a NetSci 2020 satellite workshop that aims at fostering discussions on the role of network science in addressing the societal challenges framed by the SDGs. Organized by ISI Foundation researchers Daniela Paolotti and Michele Tizzoni, with Elisa Omodei and Lorenzo Riches (UN  World Food Programme), Manuel Garcia-Herranz and Vedran Sekara (UNICEF), and Francesca Lipari (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), the workshop  will focus on several topics, like novel methods for identifying and measuring vulnerabilities, data availability, models replicability in data-poor contexts, and the transition from data to policy-making.

NetSci4SDGs will take place online on Sunday, September 20th, with the following schedule (Central European Summer Time, CEST):

15.10 “Covid-19 and Big Data: back to basics?” (Vittoria Colizza, INSERM & Sorbonne Université)
15.40  “Social contact patterns in a village of rural Malawi and implication  for disease transmission” (Laura Ozella, ISI Foundation)
16.00 “Antifragility of food trade networks: preliminary results” (Dario Alatorre, Instituto de Matematicas, UNAM)
16.30 “Gender gaps through mobile phone data” (Leo Ferres, Data Science Institute, UDD)
17.00  “Impact of natural hazard on consumer behavior: the case of the 2017 El  Nino phenomenon (ENSO) in Peru” (Hugo Alatrista-Salas, Universidad del  Pacifico)
17.20  “Digital Sousveillance: Open Data and Network Analysis for  Organizational Transparency and Accountability” (Colin Burke, UCSD)
17.40  “Harnessing data innovation for migration policy: the Big Data for  Migration Alliance” (Marzia Rango, International Organization for  Migration)

Participants (with or without abstract submission) will have to register following the procedure described on the NetSci 2020 conference website.

“Network Science for the Sustainable Development Goals”, NetSci 2020 Satellite Symposium, September 20th, 15.00-18.10