Mobile phone data & epidemiology: a talk by Paolo Bajardi at NetMob 2017

The availability of mobile phone datasets has opened the possibility to improve our understanding of how humans communicate, socialize and move around cities. NetMob is an international conference that focuses on the analysis of those datasets, in relation with social, urban, societal and industrial problems. Started in 2010 at the MIT MediaLab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 2017 NetMob is going to be held for the first time in Europe, from April 5 to April 7, in Milan.

ISI Foundation Applied Data Science Manager Paolo Bajardi will join the conference with a talk about the new possibilities of describing recurrent mobility patterns in spatial epidemic models, thanks to mobile phone data. «The recent availability of large scale call detail record data has substantially improved our ability of quantifying human travel patterns», says Bajardi. «This is likely going to have broad applications in epidemiology».

«A key problem is the potential divergent simulation outcome coming from different data sources, like mobile phone data and census surveys. If we want to integrate the census survey mobility network with mobile phone data, it's fundamental to test the goodness of the mobile phone network and to assess its adequacy to describe recurrent mobility patterns in spatial epidemic models». The talk is scheduled April 6 (Thursday), in the Health track morning session, starting at 11.

“Assessing the use of mobile phone data to describe recurrent mobility patterns in spatial epidemic models”, NetMob, Vodafone Village, Via Lorenteggio 240, Milan (Italy). Website: