ISI Foundation joins the DPH19 International Digital Public Health Conference in Marseille

Marseille is hosting the9th International Digital Public Health Conference. Held in conjunction with the 12th European Public Health Conference, DPH19 is a world leading annual interdisciplinary event on research and innovation in digital health, bringing together researchers and audiences from Public Health, Computer & Data Science, MedTech industry and NGOs.

ISI Foundation is joining the DPH19 forums, workshops and conference. Wednesday 20th November, ISI Research Leader Yelena Mejova and ISI Researcher Kyriaki Kalimeri organized the Young Researchers Forum (YRF), a pre-conference event for postgraduate students and their supervisors, whose research relates to health.

Saturday 23th, ISI Research Leader Daniela Paolotti is among the speakers in the workshop “Digital Health Innovation: From Proof of Concept to Public Value”, starting at 8.30. Paolotti will also give a talk about “Spatio-temporal analysis of flu-related drugs uptake in an online cohort in England”, inside a conference session starting at 11.10.

DPH19 - 9th International Digital Public Health Conference, 20-23 November 2019, Marseille Chanot, Exhibition and Convention Centre, Marseille (France). Link