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ISI Foundation joins the AccelNet-MultiNet global scientific program

ISI Foundation is among the few European partners of the newly launched AccelNet-MultiNet project , a joint effort aimed at expanding the international community of scientific discovery and training focused around the exploration of multilayer network science. Led by the Network Science Institutes of Northeastern University and Indiana University, two major pillars of network science research and education in the US, the program includes other European partners, like the Central European University, the UB Institute of Complex Systems, and the Center for Theoretical Physics. The project seeks to expand the knowledge of US based institutions on the structure and dynamics of Multilayer Networks, but exchanging and working together with the four European Institutions, which have been chosen due to their recognized leadership on the subject of the proposal.

Multilayer network processes are common to virtually all complex systems across domains, from infrastructure networks formed by systems such as the power grid, the Internet, and financial markets, to multiple social and communication networks, to the brain and biological networks of the cell. The importance of multilayer network approaches for understanding diverse complex systems is so vast, major research efforts have begun all over the world. Unfortunately, much of the research has been carried out in relative isolation, with few opportunities for collaboration across trans-European borders.

AccelNet-MultiNet aims to build sustainable tools that will facilitate scholarly discourse and learning to enhance meaningful collaborations. Central to the mission is to overcome barriers for knowledge exchange across nations by creating new kinds of collaboration opportunities, while also empowering young scholars through a series of immersive, highly interactive research activities, and providing cross-cultural communication and leadership training.