ISI Foundation joins SECS18 workshop on Complex Networks in Lipari

The island of Lipari (Sicily, Italy) is hosting the workshop SECS18 – Complex networks: from socio-economic systems to biology and brain, part of Lipari J.T. Schwartz International School for Scientific Research. From July 10 to July 16, the workshop is gathering the community of scientists working in the different branches of network theory applied to social and natural sciences in order to create new synergies and potential scientific advancements.

Several ISI Foundation researchers are joining the workshop. ISI Scientific Director Ciro Cattuto is talking about “Understanding Urban Mobility from a Gendered Perspective using Mobile Phone Data” (July 11, 11.10). ISI Research Leader Francesco Bonchi will talk about “Maximal Cores in Temporal Networks” (July 12, 10.00), while ISI Research Leader Daniela Paolotti will open the Saturday morning session (July 14, 10.00), speaking about “Unsupervised extraction of latent syndromes from self-reported influenza-like illness symptoms”.

Some ISI Fellows are joining the workshop, too: Nicola Perra (“Networks and Time”, July 12, 9.20), Roberta Sinatra (“Interdisciplinarity, physics, and the nobel prize”, July 12, 11.50), and Giancarlo Ruffo (“On Twitter's Interactions in Political Debates: the Interplay of Homophily Evolution and the Search for Disagreement Mitigation”)

Complex networks: from socio-economic systems to biology and Brain, Lipari Island (Sicily, Italy), 10-16 July, link: