ISI Foundation at CCS2020 – Conference on Complex Systems

Organized by the Complex Systems Society, the Conference on Complex Systems is the most important annual meeting of the international complex systems community. CCS 2020 will be online, from 7 to 11 December on Zoom, and several ISI Foundation researchers will join its main programme and satellite sessions.

This is the full schedule:

Monday 7
At 14.45, in the Epidemiology – Spreading I section, Guilherme Ferraz de Arruda will present the paper “Social contagion models on hypergraphs” (co-authored with Giovanni Petri and Yamir Moreno).
At 15.15, Alberto Aleta will give a talk about “Data-driven contact structures: from homogeneous mixing to multilayer networks” (co-authored with Guilherme Ferraz de Arruda and Yamir Moreno)

Tuesday 8
At 14.20 Michele Tizzoni will join the Covid III session with a talk about “The Socioeconomic Determinants of Mobility Responses to COVID-19 Mitigation Policies in Italy” (co-authored with Laetitia Gauvin, Paolo Bajardi, Emanuele Pepe, Brennan Lake, Filippo Privitera, Michele Tizzoni)

Wednesday 9
Daniela Paolotti (ISI Foundation), Michele Tizzoni (ISI Foundation) and Elisa Omodei (UN World Food Programme) organize the third edition of “Complex Systems for the Most Vulnerable”, a satellite meeting reviewing the potential effective contributions that Complex Systems can have on creating public value and producing public policy practices that can be applied in vulnerable contexts. Full program (14.00 – 18.00) is available at
The same day, Daniela Paolotti is among the invited speakers of the satellite “Computational Social Science”, with a talk about “Novel data streams and behavioral change for public health” (17.30).
Guilherme Ferraz de Arruda will join the satellite “MIX-NEXT I, Multiscale & Integrative compleX Networks: EXperiments & Theories” (Multiscale & Integrative compleX Networks: EXperiments & Theories 2020), with the talk “Social contagion model on hypergraphs” (15.55).
Laetitia Gauvin is invited speaker at the satellite “Complex-Space 2020” , talking about “Socioeconomic determinants of mobility responses during the firstwave of COVID-19 in Italy: from provinces to neighbourhoods” (16.30).

Friday 11
In the final day of CCS2020, Daniela Paolotti is joining the round table discussion “COVID and complex systems” (16.45-17.45), with Guido Caldarelli (President of CSS), Dirk Brockmann (Humboldt University, Berlin), Manuel García-Herranz (Unicef), Lorenzo Righetto (Nature), Nico Gariboldy (Pfizer), Andrea Capocci (journalist), Barbara Carganga (journalist), Deisy Morselli-Gysi (Northeastern University, Boston).