ISI Foundation at CCS2018: invited and contributed talks

From 23rd September to 28th September, Thessaloniki (Greece) is hosting CCS2018 – Conference on Complex Systems. Held in the Vellidio Convention Center, the international conference will gather scholars and students working in the interdisciplinary fields of Complex Systems, with a program of keynote talks, parallel sessions, poster sessions, satellite meetings and much more. ISI Foundation will participate with several researchers and some of their recent works.

ISI Research Leader Yelena Mejova is joining the main conference with an invited talk about “Capturing Digital Signals for Health Research” (monday 24, 11.00). She is also an invited speaker at Delve 2018 satellite meeting (“Digital Epidemiology and Surveillance”, wednesday 26, 09.10). Among  invited speakers in the workshop sessions are also ISI Scientific Director Ciro Cattuto ("Patterns in high-resolution human mobility and  interaction data", DATAM'18 satellite meeting, wednesday 26, 14.30), ISI Senior Researcher Alain Barrat ("When is spatial co-presence data not  informative enough?", SpaceNet satellite meeting, thursday 27, 09.00),  ISI Research Leader Laetitia Gauvin ("Understanding Urban Mobility from  a Gendered Perspective through Mobile Phone Data" (Extracting and  analysing networks from spatio-temporal data satellite meeting,  wednesday 26, 11.00), and ISI Research Leader Daniela Paolotti  (“Human mobility and digital traces for forecasting seasonal influenza” talk at SpaceNet satellite, thursday 27, 11.20; “It takes a village –  How collaborations in data science for social good can make a  difference” talk at Complex Systems for the most vulnerable satellite,  thursday 27, 15.10).

Main conference program and the two-days workshop sessions will include many other contributed talks by ISI Foundation researchers.

Main conference:
ISI Researcher Guilherme Ferraz De Arruda: “Spreading processes in complex networks: a Cellular-automaton analysis” (monday 24, 12.00), “Disease Localization in Multilayer Networks” (tuesday 25, 12.15)
ISI Research Leader Laetitia Gauvin: “Analysis of the Bitcoin Blockchain: Socio-economic factors behind the adoption” (tuesday 25, 12.45)
ISI Researcher Esther Ibanez Marcelo: “Homogenization of functional topology in bipolar patients under Lithiut treatment (tuesday 25, 11.00)
ISI Deputy Director – Complex Networks & Systems Yamir Moreno: “Modeling the large-scale spreading of Tubercolosis and the impact of new vaccination strategies” (tuesday 25, 12.15)
ISI Research Leader Daniela Paolotti: "Digital traces and participation for forecasting the flu" (friday 28, 15.00)
ISI Researcher Daniela Perrotta: “Modelling the Epidemic Spread of Zika Using Mobile Phone Data in Colombia” (friday 28, 15.15)
ISI Research Leader Giovanni Petri: “Topological features of functional equivalence between imagery and perception” (friday 28, 14.30)
ISI Research Leader Michele Tizzoni: “Measuring household contacts in Africa with wearable proximity sensors: recent progresses and challenges” (tuesday 25, 11.15), “Understanding Urban Mobility from a Gendered Perspective through Mobile Phone Data” (tuesday 25, 12.45).

Workshop session:
ISI Researcher Kyriaki Kalimeri: “Unsupervised Extraction of Epidemic Syndromes from Participatory Influenza Surveillance Self-reported Symptoms” (Delve 2018 satellite meeting, 11.55), “Automatic Prediction of Youth Unemployment via Social Media Data” (Complex Systems for the most vulnerable satellite meeting, thursday 27, 10.10).
ISI Researcher Emanuele Massaro: “Resilience management during large-scale epidemic outbreak” (Complex Systems for the most vulnerable satellite meeting, thursday 27, 16.30)
ISI PhD Student Daniela Perrotta: “Influenza monitoring and forecasting using participatory Web-based data” (Delve 2018 satellite meeting, wednesday 26, 11.40)
ISI Research Leader Michele Tizzoni: “Measuring and modeling animal social networks with sensors” (CollAB2018 Collective Animal Behavior satellite meeting, thursday 27, 09.00), “Using Facebook advertising data to model human mobility networks” (SpaceNet satellite meeting, thursday 27, 09.40).
ISI Research Leaders Daniela Paolotti and Michele Tizzoni, and ISI Foundation Vice Chair Alessandro Vespignani (Northeastern University) are organizers of the Delve 2018 satellite meeting, wednesday 26, from 9.15 to 12.45.