ISI Foundation at CCS 2019 in Singapore

The Conference on Complex Systems is the biggest and most important annual meeting of the international complex systems community. Organized by the Complex Systems Society, it has been Europe-based until 2015, when it debuted in North America at Tempe, Arizona (United States). From September 30 to October 4, the conference will come to Asia for the first time. Held at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, CCS 2019.

will gather scientists from all the world, with an interdisciplinary approach and a focus on nine main tracks: Foundations of Complex Systems, Information & Communication Technologies, Cognition & Linguistics, Economics & Finance, Infrastructure, Planning & Environment, Biological & (Bio) Medical Complexity, Socio-Ecological Systems, Complexity in Physics & Chemistry, and Public Policy Applications of Complexity Science.

ISI Foundation will join CCS 2019 with several researchers:

Paolo Bajardi
Firsthand Opiates Abuse on Social Media: Monitoring Geospatial Patterns of Interest Through a Digital Cohort (Parallel Session 4: Social Networks 3, 4 October, 9.30-9.45)

Alain Barrat
Mining span-cores in temporal networks (Parallel Session 2: Network Theory, 1 October, 12.30-12.45)

Guilherme Ferraz de Arruda
Impact of the distribution of recovery rates on disease spreading in complex networks (Parallel Session 4: Diseases & Epidemics 3, 4 October, 9.15-9.30)

Laetitia Gauvin
Temporal network embedding for the estimation of spreading process outcome (Parallel Session 5: Network Theory 5, 4 October, 11.45-12.00)

Giovanni Petri
Path entropy identifies predictability horizons (Parallel Session 2: Complexity Theory 2, 1 October, 11.15-11.30)

Rossano Schifanella
Determinants of Gender Gap in Urban Outdoor Activities (Ignite Session 1, 30 September, 15.25-15.30)
From food consumption to ingredients networks: large-scale and high-resolution analysis of food purchases and health outcomes (Parallel Session 5: Biological & Biomedical Complexity 4, 4 October, 12.45-13.00)

Michele Starnini
Flocking and spreading dynamics in populations of self-propelled agents (Parallel Session 4: Agent-Based Simulations 2, 4 October, 9.45-10.00)

Michele Tizzoni
Complex Systems for the Most Vulnerable (Satellite, 3 October 2019, organizer)
Modeling Human Mobility Networks with Facebook Advertising Data (Parallel Session 4: Social Networks 3, 4 October, 9.15-9.30)
Assessing the impact of travel guidances in Florida during the 2016 Zika outbreak through digital traces (Ignite Session 2, 4 October, 14.55-15.00)