Internet vs suicide: a data for good perspective at UNICEF Brown Bag Lunch talk

The link between social media and mental health status, including depression and suicidality, is increasingly investigated. According to the World Health Organization, in the year 2020, approximately 1.53 million people will die from suicide, not identified only as an individual phenomenon anymore, but as influenced by social, cultural and environmental factors.

If the use of social media can affect and change people's lives, Internet and digital data may also provide innovative tools to better fight suicidal behaviours. For example, starting from the gathering and analysis of good quality data, today available just for 60 countries worldwide (it may be a surprise to know that India is home to 20% of the world's suicide deaths, since the phenomenon is grossly underreported).

Tuesday 14th November, ISI Foundation Research Leader Daniela Paolotti is joining Elad Yom-Tow (Microsoft) and Andrew Young (GovLab, NYU) in a Brown Bag Lunch talk at UNICEF Danny Kaye Center in New York. With the moderation by Natalia Adler (UNICEF Data Research and Policy), scientists will discuss the use of Internet data to understand health behaviours, even when they are socially stigmatized.

“Can Internet data help predict suicidal behaviour?”, Danny Kaye Visitors Center, UNICEF, New York, 14th November 2017, 12.30 – 13.45.