Information propagation & social networks: a data mining perspective (Francesco Bonchi tutorial at Complex Networks 2017)

What and how can be learned from a database of traces of past propagations over a social network? This question is getting more and more important, as platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram grow their presence in the daily life of billions of users around the world. “Mining Information Propagation Data” is a tutorial, led by ISI Foundation Research Leader Francesco Bonchi, focusing on the phenomenon of influence-driven propagations on social networks and microblogging platforms.

Set inside the program of the Complex Networks 2017 conference in Lyon (France), the tutorial will take a data mining perspective, starting from the identification of influential users and providing a brief overview of the recent contributions of the ISI Algorithmic Data Analytics group in the area, including discussions on the connection betweekn information propagation and social network communities and on the overlap of information propagation analysis and community detection.

Complex Networks 2017 is the sixth International Conference on Complex Networks and Their Applications. From 29th November to 1st December, it will bring together in Lyon researchers from different scientific communities working on areas related to complex networks. The tutorial “Mining Information Propagation Data” will precede the conference, Tuesday 28th November, from 4pm to 6.30pm.
“Mining Information Propagation Data”, a tutorial at Complex Networks 2017. 28th November 2017, 4pm. Info: