Gender gaps in urban mobility: a talk by Ciro Cattuto at SUPF 2019

ISI Foundation Scientific Director Ciro Cattuto is among the keynote speakers at SUPF 2019 , the sixth workshop on Smart Urban Policy Futures, organized by the Connected Cities Group of the University of Greenwich in London.

Taking place from July 9th to July 12th at the Maritime Campus of the university, the workshop will gather knowledge and expertise on the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to transform mobility systems. Tuesday morning at 10.30, Cattuto will open the meeting with the keynote: “Investigating urban mobility from a gendered perspective using mobile phone data”.

The talk will report on the results of a recent study conducted in Santiago, Chile in collaboration with the Universidad del Dessarrollo (UDD), Telefonica, UNICEF and New York University's Governance Laboratory (GobLab), supported by a "Big Data for Gender" grant from UN Foundation's Data2X initiative. Cattuto will discuss insights gleaned by analyzing anonymized and gender-disaggregated mobility traces from a large cohort of phone users living in the city.

Investigating urban mobility from a gendered perspective using mobile phone data”, Ciro Cattuto, 9th July, starting at 10.30. SUPF – Smart Urban Policy Features workshop 2019, University of Greenwich, Maritime Campus. Link