From Complex Systems to High-resolution Social Networks: ISI Foundation at BIFI 2018

Zaragoza (Spain) is hosting the BIFI International Conference 2018 on Complexity, Networks and Collective Behaviour, from February 6 to February 8. Held at the Patio de la Infanta, the conference is co-organized by ISI Foundation Research Leader Yamir Moreno and will gather leading researchers worldwide who have contributed for decades to pave the way for theoretical research and practical applications of complex systems and network sciences in different areas of knowledge, from Physics to Computer Science, Biology, Social Sciences, Economics, Technological and Communication Networks, Big Data.

ISI Scientific Director Ciro Cattuto and ISI Scientific Advisory Board vice-chair Alessandro Vespignani (Northeastern University) are among the invited speakers. They will ideally open and close the conference: Vespignani will speak on the first morning, February 6 at 9.00, about “Complex Systems, Networks and Epidemic Modeling”; Cattuto will address the final keynote, February 8 at 9.45, on “High-resolution Social Networks: experiences and perspectives”.

 ISI Foundation is also joining BIFI 2018 with Researcher Laura Ozella, who will present the paper “Animal social networks relevant to disease transmission among free-roaming dogs in Chad” (February 6, 11.30), Researcher Leader Giovanni Petri (“Construction of and efficient sampling from the simplicial configuration model”, February 6, 15.45), Research Leader Laetitia Gauvin (“Characterization of the Adopters of the Bitcoin”, February 7, 9.45) and Researcher Esther Ibáñez Marcelo (“Topology and curvature of brain functional networks under psychedelic drugs”, February 7, 17.45).

BIFI International Conference 2018, Zaragoza (Spain), February 6-8, 2018. Website: