Finding dense subgraphs and interesting events in social networks

Friday, December 11, 2015

11 a.m.

ISI Red Room

Mauro Sozio


——— Nowadays, we experience the unprecedented opportunity of analyzing large amounts of data produced by Web and social network users, as well as by scientific experiments and the observation of natural phenomena. This comes with the challenge of devising algorithms capable of 1) finding valuable information among noisy or non-relevant data, 2) dealing with large amount of data evolving over time.

In this talk, we shall discuss a few optimization problems arising in data mining and in particular the problem of finding dense subgraphs in large evolving graphs. Algorithms for finding dense subgraphs are an important subroutine in many data mining tasks, such as, community and event detection. We shall discuss algorithms for efficiently finding dense subgraphs in an evolving graph and discuss some preliminary results on how they can be used for automatically finding interesting events in social networks.