Epiwork International Workshop Digital Epidemiology

Thursday, May 30, 2013

ISI Foundation

Marcel Salathé, Rumi Chunara, Gabriel Leung, John Edmunds, Patricia L. Mabry, Mark Dredze, Pasi Penttinen

This workshop aims to explore how this revolution impacts all these aspects. The availability of real time Big Data from social networks, blogs, games, participatory web platforms provide a constant stream of situation-aware information which, in joint action with cutting edge Computer Science and ICT, allow for prompt data harvesting and analyses and response to public health threats. Existing systems illustrating the potential of analysis of online data include HealthMap, participatory systems for flu surveillance in three different continents (namely Influenzanet, Flu Near You and Flutracking), Medysis, Crowdbreaks, ProMed, biodiaspora, Google Flu Trends. Moreover, social media and social networks have reshaped the routes on which risk communication and public information about health threats spread among the population.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together public health professionals working in public health and epidemic intelligence services in WHO, ECDC, CDC and researches in on line data mining, crowdsourcing and Social Media user engagement to raise awareness on the critical global applications of public health, user participation and risk communication. Detailed information can be found here

The topics include: *Web-based participatory systems for public health

*epidemic intelligence and early warning systems from social media data mining

*crowdsourced data collection, user engagement

*situational awareness for public health

*data analysis of disease prevalence

*visual analytics and exploratory data analysis of social media for public health

*developed of integrated platforms harvesting and analysing real time data for early warning and rapid response

*information diffusion models for public health

*Disease Surveillance, detection and reporting

Detailed information can be found here