Digital traces and participation for forecasting the flu: an Influenzanet talk at Digital Health in Lyon

Bringing together public health agencies and computer science, IT and MedTech industry to cross-fertilize ideas and drive a growing interdisciplinary field. This is the aim of Digital Health 2018. Held in Lyon, France, from 23rd to 26th April, the 8th International Digital Health Conference is gathering scientists, professionals and experts from the whole world, with a programme of keynote talks, phd tracks, poster sessions and conversations.

Among the invited speakers is ISI Foundation Research Leader Daniela Paolotti. On Tuesday 24th, during the social media and user engagement session, Paolotti is giving a talk about the experience of Influenzanet, the European network of participatory systems for the monitoring of Influenza-Like Illnesses (ILI) with the help of volunteers via the Internet.

Established in 2009, now comprising 11 countries and coordinated by ISI Foundation, Influenzanet has engaged several thousands of participants each year (over 50k in 2017/2018 flu season), proving to be a reliable and flexible monitoring system that has become a complement to existing ILI monitoring infrastructures in several European countries.

“Digital Traces and Participation for Forecasting the Flu», Daniela Paolotti, Digital Health 2018, Lyon (France), 24th April 2018, link: