Digital and computational approaches to study the spread of COVID-19, a webinar

What can digital and computational approaches reveal about the relationships between mortality, fertility, mobility, and the spread of COVID-19? This is the focus of the webinar organized by IUSSP Panel on Digital  Demography, Wednesday 8th July. Through lighting talks, an expert panel of computational scientists – including ISI Foundation  Senior Research Scientists Yelena Mejova and Michele Tizzoni – will tackle a wide range of issues and approaches.

Yelena  Mejova will talk about “COVID-19 on Facebook Ads: Competing Agendas around a Public Health Crisis”, while Michele Tizzoni will focus on  “Measuring mobility changes in Italy during the COVID-19 outbreak with mobile phone data”. Lighting talks will be followed by general discussion and Q&A. Info, topics and registration here.

Digital and computational approaches to study determinants and consequences of the spread of COVID-19, IUSSP Webinar, Wednesday 8th July 2020, 15.30 (Paris), 13.30 (UTC), 9.30 (New York), 19.00 (New Dehli). Link