Detecting Personality Traits Using Eye-Tracking Data

venerdì 3 maggio 2019

2.30 p.m.

ISI Foundation 1st floor

Shlomo Berkovsky Macquarie University, Sydney

Personality is an established domain of research in psychology, and individual differences in various traits are linked to a variety of  real-life outcomes and behaviours. Personality detection is an intricate task that typically requires humans to fill out lengthy questionnaires assessing specific personality traits. The outcomes of this, however, may be unreliable or biased if the respondents do not fully understand or are not willing to honestly answer the questions. To this end, we propose a framework for objective personality detection that leverages humans' physiological responses to external stimuli. We exemplify and evaluate the framework in a case study, where we expose subjects to affective image and video stimuli, and capture their physiological responses using a commercial-grade eye-tracking sensor. These responses are then processed and fed into a classifier capable of accurately predicting a range of personality traits. Our work yields notably high predictive accuracy, suggesting the applicability of the proposed framework for robust personality detection.