Data Science for Social Good: a workshop about technology, science and social innovation at Web Conference 2019 in San Francisco

Technology innovation is not enough. From climate change to income inequality to geopolitical upheaval and terrorism, the contemporary world has also a strong need for social innovation. Data Science for Social Good is a day-long workshop, co-organized by ISI Foundation and co-located with the Web Conference 2019 in San Francisco, that Tuesday 14th May will focus on the interplay between data science, philanthropy, international development and humanitarian aid.

The workshop will review the potential and emerging field of Data Science for Good, exploring its wide and promising applications, like the analysis of satellite imagery to mapping poverty or the use of Facebook data to track the global digital gender gap, and discussing issues that hamper its full development (e.g. the fact that most of the data assets and data science capabilities available today are not yet sufficiently applied to solving public problems).

What are the value propositions and practices of data science for social good? What its risks? What the different ways to engage data scientists? What data science methodologies are already available or need to be accelerated to solve public problems? How to overcome the current transactions costs and funding constraints associated with leveraging data and data science for social good? These and more questions will be addressed in a solid program that will include opening by ISI Foundation Scientific Director Ciro Cattuto, keynotes by Tom Kalil (Schmidt Futures), Adam Crawley (Ending Pandemics), Leo Ferres (Universidad del Desarrollo), and Alex Jaimes (Dataminr), paper presentations, panels, Q&A, and closing by Stefaan Verhulst (The GovLab). Full program is available here.

Data Science for Social Good is organized by Daniela Paolotti, Michele Tizzoni and Ciro Cattuto (ISI Foundation), Stefaan Verhulst and Andrew Young (GovLab, New York, USA), and Natalia Adler (Unicef, New York, USA).

Data Science for Social Good, Web Conference 2019 Workshop, Hyatt Regency, San Francisco (USA). May 14th 2019, 8.15-17.20.Link