Data Science for private and public goods: Ciro Cattuto at País Digital 2018

What is, may and will be the role of Data Science for private and public goods? ISI Foundation Scientific Director and Data Science Laboratory Director Ciro Cattuto will address this fundamental question on his talk at the sixth País Digital summit in Las Condes, Chile.

Cattuto is among the international experts invited to join the meeting. From 4th to 5th September, País Digital will explore the impact of technology in different areas of economy, science and society: from Cybersecurity to Big Data, from Internet of Things to Artificial Intelligence, from Digital Education to Labour Market of the Future.

Cattuto's talk is scheduled on the last day of País Digital, Wednesday 5th September at 12.20.
Ciro Cattuto, “Data Science for private and public good”, Wednesday 5th September 2018, 12.20, País Digital 2018, Las Condes (Chile). Link: