Computational Neuropsychiatry - New Approaches to Psychiatric Diagnosis

Thursday, September 13, 2018

2.30 p.m.

ISI seminar room 1st floor

Dr. Manish Saggar

The field of psychiatry is in a dire need for a disorder classification system (a.k.a. diagnostic nosology) that is anchored in biological variables so that precise diagnosis, proper management of the disorder and efficient treatments could be developed. This talk will present an alternative to existing group-based and descriptive approaches to finding neuroimaging based biomarkers, by proposing a computational approach to model how an individual’s brain dynamics change over time and to provide mechanistic guidelines as to how underlying neuronal processes attain such dynamics (or lack thereof). The proposed computational psychiatric framework could not only be used for biologically grounded stratification of mental illnesses, but also as a test-bed for developing future treatments and person-centric care.