At ICWE 2017, Francesco Bonchi explores influence-driven information propagation in social networks

In 2016, especially after the Brexit referendum in the UK and the Donald Trump presidential election in the USA, media have started to frantically discuss the influence of social networks and microblogging platforms on people's knowledge exchange and behaviour. The more complex phenomenon of online information propagations on networks like Facebook and Twitter, not only linked to political elections but to several aspects of everyday life, has also attracted the interest of computer scientists, sociologists, information technologists, and marketing specialists.

In the keynote talk “Mining information propagation in social networks”, scheduled Thursday 8th June at the 17th edition of ICWE – International Conference on Web Engineering, ISI Foundation Research Leader Francesco Bonchi will discuss from a data mining pespective what (and how) can be learned from the past propagations over a social network. Starting from one of the key problems in this area – the identification of influential users – he will provide a brief overview of the most recent contributions, exposing the connection between communities and information propagation, and investigating related topics like social advertising, viral marketing and classic computational advertising.

ICWE is one of the main international conferences on designing, building, maintaining and using web applications. It is supported by the International Society of the Web Engineering (ISWE), and it brings together researchers and practitioners from various disciplines in academia and industry, in order to tackle the emerging challenges in Web applications engineering as well as the impact of those technologies in society and culture.

“Mining information propagation in social networks”, Tuesday 8th June 2017, 9.00-10.30, ICWE 2017 – International Conference on Web Engineering, Roma Tre University, Department of Engineering, Rome, Italy. Link: