Algorithmic bias and algorithms for network science: Francesco Bonchi at CIKM 2017 in Singapore

Held in Singapore from 6th to 10th November, CIKM 2017 is a premier international forum for research on topics at the confluence of information retrieval, data management, and knowledge management. The focus of the 2017 edition will be on technologies and insights that materialize the “Smart Cities, Smart Nations” vision, and the conference will bring together technology providers, researchers and leaders in the fields of information and knowledge management from all over the world.

ISI Research Leader Francesco Bonchi will join CIKM 2017 with a busy schedule of talks and presentations. Monday 6th November, Bonchi is invited as keynote speaker at DAB'17 workshop on Data and Algorithm Bias: starting at 11.00, he is giving a talk about “Research on algorithmic discrimination detection and prevention: Where we stand and where we're heading”, then he will join the panel discussion (15.30).

Wednesday 8th November, at the Graph Mining 1 session (11.20), Bonchi will present the work “To Be Connected, or Not to Be Connected: That is the Minimum Inefficiency Subgraph Problem”, co-authored with Natali Ruchansky (University of Southern California), David Garcia-Soriano (Universidad Pompeu Fabra),Francesco Gullo (UniCredit), and Nicolas Kourtellis (Telefonica Research). The following day (9th November, 15.45), during the Graph Mining 3 session, he will talk about “Core Decomposition and Densest Subgraph in Multilayer Networks”, co-authored with Edoardo Galimberti (ISI Foundation & University of Turin) and Francesco Gullo (UniCredit).

The same day, he will also be involved in the talk about “FA*IR: A Fair Top-k Ranking Algorithm”, a work produced with Meike Zehlike (Technische Universität Berlin), Carlos Castillo (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), Sara Hajian (NTENT), Mohamed Megahed (Technische Universität Berlin), and Ricardo Baeza-Yates (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), presented at the Health Analytics 2 session (13.45) by Meike Zehlike.
CIKM 2017 – International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, 6-10 November 2017, Pan Pacific Singapore, Singapore.