A network approach for measuring human behavior: a lecture by Daniela Paolotti at the Mediterranean School of Complex Networks

For the sixth year, the Mediterranean School of Complex Networks in Salina (Sicily) is exploring the wide variety of applications in which the network theory is revealed as a perfect instrument to model the structure of complex systems and a suitable way to provide new insights into different fields like social sciences, technological networks, biology transportation and economics.

In the final day, friday 6th september, the School focuses on the "Human Behavior" with a series of talks and lectures that analyze how complex networks are helping in measuring and understanding it. In “Measuring Human Behavior: A Network Approach”, ISI Foundation Research Leader and coordinator of Influweb Daniela Paolotti presents some examples of how digital data can be used to monitor population health and health-related lifestyles and behaviors, as well as to study high-impact societal issues such as poverty and gender inequalities, with a focus on methodologies derived from complex systems and complex networks.

Measuring Human Behavior: A Network Approach", Daniela Paolotti, Mediterranean School of Complex Networks (Salina, Sicily), 6th September 2019. Link