10 years of Inluenzanet: a talk about participatory syndromic surveillance at i-sense Digital Health Conference in London

From 9th to 10th July, London is hosting the i-sense Digital Health Conference, a two-days series of talks, panel discussion and keynotes aimed to share the latest innovations in quality digital health research around infectious diseases, and to offer the opportunity to build and strengthen collaborations across different sectors.

Tuesday afternoon, ISI Foundation Research Leader Daniela Paolotti will join the conference with the talk “Influenzanet: ten years of participatory syndromic surveillance of influenza in Europe”. Influenzanet is a Europe-wide network of platforms that monitor the activity of influenza-like-illness (ILI) with the aid of volunteers via the Internet.

In contrast with the traditional system of sentinel networks of mainly primary care physicians, it obtains its data directly from the population. It is operational in nine countries, with the Italian mirror Influweb managed by ISI Foundation. The i-sense Digital Health Conference will be held at the Royal College of General Practitioners (State Rooms and Rooftop Terrace).

“Influenzanet: ten years of participatory syndromic surveillance of influenza in Europe”, Daniela Paolotti, July 9th, starting at 15.55. i-sense Digital Health Conference, Royal College of General Practitioners, London, 9-10 July 2019. Link