The Lagrange Project grants every year a number of research scholarships.

Such scholarships are intended for residents of Piedmont and Aosta Valley.

Applicants need to hold an undergraduate or post-graduate university degree, and to submit a research project related to Big Data (Asse A) or have interest in pursuing applied research within the area of Data Science and Social Impact (Asse B). The project activity will be carried out within a company with the support and scientific supervision of researchers belonging to the University of Turin, the Polytechnic University of Turin or another publicly-funded research center (Asse A) or at the ISI Foundation in Turin (Asse B).

Applied research scholarships

Between 2003 and 2010, the Lagrange Project opened ten calls for research fellowships and five Lagrange Start Up calls.
In 2011 a more effective scholarship was introduced: the “Lagrange Applied Research Scholarship”.
Building on the success of previous experiences, it aimed to make the essential bridge between academic research and businesses system easier and more effective.
This was obtained by dividing the scholarships along two main axes (or “Asse” in Italian), dubbed A and B:

– “Asse A” scholarships are open to university graduates and above. Applicants are required to submit projects focusing on Big Data “systems”. These projects are normally carried out in a company with the support and the scientific supervision of ISI Foundation.

– “Asse B” scholarships are open to university graduates and above who intend to carry out applied research activities, within the themes related to Data Science and Social Impact, which must be conducted at the ISI Foundation through a targeted training program.

For all scholarships, candidates must be residents of Piedmont or Aosta Valley at the time of start of the scholarship.

Results for Applied Research Scholarship – Call 2018:
Asse AAsse B