The ISI Foundation is a private Foundation conducting research rooted in the area of Complex Systems Science, a field that the institute has contributed to shape for more than three decades.

Fondazione ISI, established in 1983 and co-founded by Fondazione CRT, is a private non-profit research center based in Turin, Italy.
Its primary focus is on scientific research and high education in the fields of data science, complex systems, and the applications of data and computational models to social impact and public health.
Combining local relevance with global influence, Fondazione ISI fosters an interdisciplinary scientific culture and strives to support the next generation of scientists to tackling the complex challenges of our era.
Over the course of four decades, Fondazione ISI has played a pivotal role in creating a network of renowned researchers and institutions, facilitating knowledge exchange among academia, governments, industry, global agencies, and nonprofit organizations.
This collaborative effort aims to harness the transformative power of science to drive social, economic, and cultural advancement.